“thunder” (名) = 雷(音)
“lightning” (名) = 稲光・雷(光)
“lightning bolt” (名) = 稲妻
“astraphobia” (名) ・”astraphobic” (形) = 雷恐怖症

I love thunderstorms, especially if there are lightning bolts… but only if I’m in a safe place. I think they are beautiful and almost magical.

Did you know that you can calculate how far you are from a storm by watching lightning and listening for thunder? After you see a flash of lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear thunder. Every three seconds means the storm is roughly one kilometer away. Divide the number of seconds by three to get the number of kilometers.
(For example: 30 seconds / 3 = 10 kilometers)

Just a few moments ago I saw lightning and heard thunder immediately. The thunder was so incredibly loud that it made me jump! The storm was right over me! Good thing I’m not astraphobic!

このお話わかりましたか? よかったら上記の計算式を使って自分と嵐の距離を計算してみてください。安全第一なので、皆さんも気をつけてくださいね!

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