It’s WINTER in Japan!

In English, there are a few different ways to express how cold it is, from a little cold to very cold. We wanted to share these phrases with you so that you can use them in conversations for the next couple of months. Try them out!

Keep in mind that everyone may have a different idea of how cold it is. What is chilly to one person, may be freezing to another. To give you an example, I’m from Hawaii so I think anything below 10 degrees Celsius is freezing! People from Alaska might think it’s just chilly or even warm!

Chilly (adj) → It’s chilly.
Cold (adj) → It’s cold.
Freezing (adj) → It’s freezing.


It’s RAINY SEASON in Japan!

Although weather forecasts and reports have predicted that we will have a dry rainy season this year, we thought these phrases might still be useful and wanted to share them with you. Please try to use them in conversations!

Drizzle (動) → It’s drizzling.
Rain (動) → It’s raining.
Pour (動) → It’s pouring.

※ It’s raining cats and dogs! = It’s pouring. = It’s raining very hard.

※ It’s really coming down! = It’s pouring. = It’s raining very hard.

Cloudy (形) → It’s so cloudy and dark.
Windy (形) → It’s windy. The sand is blowing into my eyes!
Foggy (形) → It’s so foggy. I can’t see anything!


Fahrenheit, C, Temperature, The Air

It’s almost 30 degrees today. It’s hot.
Tonight will be about 17 degrees so it might be a bit chilly.
It will be 18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday evening.


Boy in Blue Jacket Hopping on Water PuddleFree stock photo of woman, girl, dancing, hairstyle

I love playing in water puddles and dancing in the rain. How about you?

ここで、喉や鼻が痛いまで行かないけど、「なんか変な感じがする・ムズムズする・イライラする」と言いたい時には “feels funny” を使ってみましょう。

– My throat feels funny.
– My ears feel funny.
– My stomach feels funny.

こういう相手には “Take care!・お大事に!”と言ってあげてください。


Allergy, Cold, Disease, Flu, Girl

“thunder” (名) = 雷(音)
“lightning” (名) = 稲光・雷(光)
“lightning bolt” (名) = 稲妻
“astraphobia” (名) ・”astraphobic” (形) = 雷恐怖症

I love thunderstorms, especially if there are lightning bolts… but only if I’m in a safe place. I think they are beautiful and almost magical.

Did you know that you can calculate how far you are from a storm by watching lightning and listening for thunder? After you see a flash of lightning, count the number of seconds until you hear thunder. Every three seconds means the storm is roughly one kilometer away. Divide the number of seconds by three to get the number of kilometers.
(For example: 30 seconds / 3 = 10 kilometers)

Just a few moments ago I saw lightning and heard thunder immediately. The thunder was so incredibly loud that it made me jump! The storm was right over me! Good thing I’m not astraphobic!

このお話わかりましたか? よかったら上記の計算式を使って自分と嵐の距離を計算してみてください。安全第一なので、皆さんも気をつけてくださいね!

“bloom” / “blossom” (名詞・動詞) = 花・咲く、開花する

“fall” (動詞) = 散る

  • The cherry blossoms will bloom / blossom over the next few days.
  • The cherry blossoms are in full bloom / blossom now.
  • The cherry blossoms have started to fall.
  • Some of the cherry blossoms have fallen due to the wind and rain.

“allergies” / “hay fever” (名詞) = 花粉症
*”pollen” (名詞) = 花粉

A: Are you okay? You’re sneezing a lot.
B: Yah, sorry. I have terrible allergies every spring.

A: Are you okay? Your eyes are red.
B: Yah I know. I have hay fever.

「花粉症」は正しく言うと “allergies to pollen”ですが、”pollen”と言う必要はないです。