It’s RAINY SEASON in Japan!

Although weather forecasts and reports have predicted that we will have a dry rainy season this year, we thought these phrases might still be useful and wanted to share them with you. Please try to use them in conversations!

Drizzle (動) → It’s drizzling.
Rain (動) → It’s raining.
Pour (動) → It’s pouring.

※ It’s raining cats and dogs! = It’s pouring. = It’s raining very hard.

※ It’s really coming down! = It’s pouring. = It’s raining very hard.

Cloudy (形) → It’s so cloudy and dark.
Windy (形) → It’s windy. The sand is blowing into my eyes!
Foggy (形) → It’s so foggy. I can’t see anything!


Fahrenheit, C, Temperature, The Air

It’s almost 30 degrees today. It’s hot.
Tonight will be about 17 degrees so it might be a bit chilly.
It will be 18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday evening.


Boy in Blue Jacket Hopping on Water PuddleFree stock photo of woman, girl, dancing, hairstyle

I love playing in water puddles and dancing in the rain. How about you?

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