Often I hear students say these phrases:

I am too hungry.

The concert was too good.

The movie was too bad.

Tokyo has too many trains. 


What do you think?  Do you say these phrases?  

These phrases are actually incorrect.


Here are some phrases that you can use instead:

I am very hungry.    /    I am so hungry.

The concert was very good.    /    The concert was so good. 

The movie was very bad.    /   The movie was so bad.

Tokyo has a lot of trains.    /    Tokyo has so many trains.


So, often students will use TOO, but they should use VERY or SO.

It was too hot today.  → It was very hot today.   /   It was so hot today.

This food is too delicious. → This food is very delicious.   /  This food is so delicious.

Tip: Try this correction in your next lesson.  When you instructor asks:  How are you?  Say: “I am very good.” 


Also, students will use TOO MANY, but they should use A LOT OF or SO MANY.

I have too many friends.  → I have a lot of friends.

There are too many flowers in my garden.  → There are so many flowers in my garden.


So, when should we use TOO?  

Use TOO when you want to show that something is impossible.

Oh no, the store is closed.  We are too late.  =  Going into the store is impossible because it is closed.

The beach is too far.  =  Going to the beach is impossible because we can’t get there.

This necklace is too expensive =  Buying this necklace is impossible because I don’t have enough money.


Use TOO when you want to show there is a problem.  

The shoe is too small.  =  I can’t wear the shoe.

There is too much wasabi on my sushi.  =  I can’t eat the sushi.

These pants are too tight.  =  I can’t wear the pants.

There are too many candles on my birthday cake.  = I’m 24, but there are 25 candles on the cake.


What about? → Too bad.

This is a special phrase that we use to show sympathy or regret.  Similar to “I’m sorry.” or “I wish it did / didn’t happen.”

A: I lost my wallet.   B: That is too bad.

It is too bad that you failed your test.

Too bad we can’t go to the concert.  


What about? → Too Good.

Nothing is too good 🙂   Change it to:  Very good.

This pizza is too good!  →  This pizza is very good!

However, we do have an idiom in English:  too good to be true

This idiom is used to express doubt about something.   Some Examples:

A free trip to Hawaii!  That is too good to be true.

1975 yen for a Gengo Lingo on-line lesson!  That is too good to be true.   

Actually, the second one IS true!  With our current campaign, you can take lessons for just 1975 yen. 

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